Dual channel 8 antennas hybrid combiner with ON/OFF switching (2 coax, 6 fibers)

ACH-842 is a two channel hybrid diversity combiner, two coax and six fiber antennas towards two BNC outputs. ACH-862 combiner is now available with the new Switching feature providing height buttons to switch ON/OFF each antenna.


Bandwidth 470Mhz to 800Mhz (coax and fibers)
RF inputs 2 x BNC 50 ohms
Optical inputs 3 x OpticalCon Duo,1310nm, monomode, APC
RF inputs 2 x BNC 50 ohms
RF outputs 2 x BNC 50 ohms
Supply 110-220V
Dimensions 435 x 250 x 43 mm
Weight 3,1 Kg
Title Type Size
User-manual-AFB250-AFR200-ACH642-ACH862 User-manual-AFB250-AFR200-ACH642-ACH862 application/pdf 8 MB
ACH-862-datasheet-EN-V1 ACH-862-datasheet-EN-V1 application/pdf 344 KB
Radio-over-fiber-basics-source Radio-over-fiber-basics-source application/pdf 487 KB