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Combiner Splitter AS-84



Active Combiner/Splitter in a small form factor (4:8)


The AS-84 is a diversity active combiner/splitter (2 BNC to 4 SMA for each channel) design to be used with up to 4 diversity receivers.

With the AS-84 you can:

  1. Choose diversity port (PORT 1 or PORT 2 or PORT 1+PORT 2), it allows you to do antenna “zoning”.
  2. Activate DC feed on inputs ports, the DC feed voltage is 12V regulated and protected against overload.
  3. Select the appropriate filtering needed: Wideband (WB) or tunable Narrowband (NB).
  4. Monitor the power on each channel and take a decision to secure your reception.
  5. Control parameters on the high contrast OLED display.

Compact and rugged this device is build to be used on the field. It can fit your lightweight bag configuration or your cart configuration.

Both active or passive antenna can be connected to BNC. The DC-FEED is current limited and a led display the status on each connector.

The AS-84 is powered from an external DC supply connected to the standard 4 point connector.

A stainless steel wire clip is now included allowing 4 positions mounting.

Unused output port must be terminated with a 50 ohms SMA load.



Bande passante 470-700MHz (WB)

470-740MHz tunable (NB 50-70MHz)

Gain 1dB (+/- 1dB)
Noise figure amplificateurs <2 dB
OIP3 32dBm typ.
Isolation A-4 -80dB typ.
Entrées RF 2xBNC 50 ohms
Télé-alimentation 12V/200mA regulated
Sorties RF 2 x 3 SMA 50 ohms
Consommation 70mA sans DC feed
Alimentation HRS4, 12-17V
Dimensions 88 x 84 x 44mm
Poids 250g
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