Small form factor dual radio over fiber receiver.

The AFR-250S is a optical/RF converter. Used with the AFB-250 it let you  take advantage of propagation of light on monomode fiber.

Tha AFR-250S can be used in several situation, it can be used on sound cart, in a bag or integrated in a watertight case. If you need, up of 4 units coud be fixed on a 19″ bar (ask us for more informations).

The 1.3″ OLED display shows importants informations:

  • RF level on each channels
  • optical loss on each channels
  • power supplies voltage
  • attenuator’s values on each channels

Leds light up to indicate too strong RF signal or too much optical loss.

Setting attenuator will help expert to fine tune sensitivity/noise in multi antenna situation.

There is two way of powering the AFR-250S, the classical one is through a DC push pull connector, the other one is through the DC feed voltage comming from receiver or active antenna splitter/combiner. The AS-62 and AS-122 can be used to power it.

The AFR-250S enclosure is made of aluminium, build to last and recyclable.

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User-manual-AFR250S-1020 User-manual-AFR250S-1020 application/pdf 2 MB