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AFB-450 : Duplex TxRx Antenna Fiber Box

AFB-450 is a duplex remote antennas box that modulates one transmission and one reception antenna signals in one single Neutrik OpticalCon Duo plug. With its rugged housing and 12V on XLR4 power, it is designed for location or live market. The AFB-450 comes with a built-in simple SWR indicator on the TX side. On the RX side a RF peak led indicate if the RF field is too strong. A buit-in 10dB RF attenuator can be switched on at the startup of the device.
Integrated amplifier can output one carrier up to 500mw (27dBm). More carrier can be ouputed with reduced power.

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Bandwidth 100Mhz – 1Ghz (TX)

470MHz-800MHz (RX

Noise Density -113dBm/Hz
IMD3 -45 dBc two carriers at 20dBm –df 1MHz
Max power
One carrier – 500 mW
Two carriers – 100 mW
Four carriers – 10 mW
RF output 1xBNC 50 ohms
RF input BNC 50 ohms
DC feed 12V/200mA
Input attenuator 0/-10dB
 Optical input/output OpticalCon Duo Neutrik
Current 950 mA
1,1 A with an active antenna
Supply XLR4, 20W max
Dimensions 155 x 180 x 70 mm
Weight 1,6kg
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