LC APC monomode
LC PC monomode
Fiber x400

Optical fiber

First use of optical fiber was endoscope as it lets see inside body (1950). Back in 1970,fiber from Corning becomes capable of transmit informations. It exhibits a 20dB/Km attenuation. Today monomode fiber attenuation at 1510nm is 0.5dB/Km and more than 200 million of km are produced a year.

Fiber optic guides light. Multimode fiber lets multiple raylight to take different path inside the core while in monomode fiber there is just one path. Monomode fiber can transmit high frequency signal and far away if we compare it to multimode fiber. Equipments from BSRF must be used with monomode fibers.



Several standard connectors exist: LC,SC, ST, FC… SC connectors are often found in technical bays. LC connectors are smaller so you can use more of them compare to SC. We found ST in the video area. All those connectors can be found in monomode or multimode.


In order to increase quality of transmission, manufacturers offer 3 kind of polishing (applies to the tip of connector): PC, UPC and APC. Tip of PC (blue jacket) is straight and polished. Tip of UPC is staight and polished better than PC. Tip of APC(green jacket) is angled (8°) and polished. This angle reduce back reflexion.

Products from BSRF use APC connectors for an optimal transmission quality.
Adaptation from APC to PC can be done inside equipement if needed, it’s relevant if you already own fiber on drum.

Inspecting and cleaning

Tip of fiber must be clean as possible. Some dirt just at the bad position leads to drop of optical signal . When you deal with Radio over Fiber it also leads to loss of RF signal. That’s why our products use Neutrik Opticalcon as standard connector. This connector is fitted with shutters (protection fo fiber when nothing is connected) and it can be used also with LC connectors.

BSRF’s equipements will give their best if you masterise inspection and cleaning. We’ll be happy to control your BSRF equipments and this will increase your return on investment..

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