NS-1 Broad band noise source


Product Description

The NS-1 is white noise generator in the 100-1500MHz range, powered through DC feed.
The NS-1 allows to do a quick test of a RF channel. Connect it at the antenna side, power it through with DC feed and then run a scan on your receiver. You’ll be able to see the result as a bandwidth of the channel.
NS-1 with scan on receiver act as a spectrum analyzer with tracking generator.
You should then be able to:

  • estimate loss on the path
  • check a coax cable global state
  • validate filtering coherence (if there is filtering of course!)
  • test DC feed

The NS-1 is ready for your simple or complex configurations.


Bandwidth 100-1500MHz
Noise floor -75dBm (200kHz band)
Variation in the band +/-0.5dB
Supply 10-18V (100mA)
RF input 1xBNC 50 ohms
Dimensions 57*25*18mm
Weight 20g